rFactor Drift [HD]

rFactor touge drifting session with Sim Racing Pilipinas racers. Drifters: S. Jaducana [FD3S Black] A. Canlas [FD3S Gray, S15, GDB] A. Escoto [AE86, FD3S White] Race Sim: rFactor Car mod: D1GP All Stars Track mod: RK Tracks Akina BGM: Linkin Park - The Catalyst No copyright infringement intended, for promotional use only. Rights belong to their respective owners.


22 Responses to “rFactor Drift [HD]”
  1. TheFilipeA says:

    @ Kriss123ization ye you can, i play with Xbox 360 controller but you can play with any wheel.

  2. kriss123ization says:

    CAN u play with wheel i got DFGT

  3. Remi58410 says:

    nouveau forum de drift sur rfactor venez nombreux: mods, addons, circuits. . . . tout y est à bientot sur . rfactordrift. xooit. fr

  4. rivalstorm120 says:

    @ Rivalstorm120 well idk how much difference there is, but I am a descent f? R Forza3 is the tuner 360, soooo idk maybe ill be good but ok Is this game free gold, you have to buy a disc into your computer ? set

  5. shaneoj says:

    @ Rivalstorm120 hey. You can download the mods. there are several sites that have lists of mods for rfactor. Sum drank drifting mods already optimized Ar driftingsfor you can always anothertune because driftingsfor (that's IT you'Eibe; re well versed with the setups).

  6. weed46 says:

    @ Jimmmyydia Have you ever driven a car? -. - Or, let a alone a sports car not a car just spun out, especialy When It splinters, HAS spoiler, lowered suspension, a lot of downforce, as do cars drift?. . . People vote with the stock toyota supra aero that has 350 + kph and dowsn't spin out. . . If you have some spare money to go to Germany and spent some time in the highway, and see complete stock car, in the N? He 300kph going the whole time without spin, let alone tuned cars. . .

  7. jimmmyydia says:

    @weed46 you need a wheel first then setup your wheel for what you want then just setup the car like you want it will act like you want if you good at building a setup . with suspension differential gears and all that . . . if you go 300kmh and more . . its not a formula 1 men ! its a normal car with a big engine if you lett the gaz too quick a 300kmh its surely lost control . anyway just trying to explain theres more than one way to setup car , work more .

  8. rivalstorm120 says:

    hey shane, qeustion. . . how do you get cars? are they already in the game or are they modz? and when drifting, do you make your own tunes or are those drift modz aswell? plz reply

  9. weed46 says:

    @jimmmyydia it has nothing to do with setup. . . This drift mod, you accelerate the car in a straight line at 300kph, and it starts to be unstable. . . with wings, splitter and thinks like that, is pretty stupid to happen high speed and the car starts to go sideways. . .
    A drift car still works like a normal car despite drift setup. . . in this mod, the cars doesn't behave like a normal car, under normal driving, or grip driving. . .

  10. jimmmyydia says:

    @ Weed46 cause you, including know how to setup your, car,

  11. shaneoj says:

    @Alexiostheslayer Akina.

  12. Alexiostheslayer says:

    Which TRACKs?

  13. NoxCoolbay says:



  14. waider says:

    beautiful s

  15. weed46 says:

    @ Snuffyboy3 This particular mod, the physics are crap. The best physics are in the mod "rfactor drift revolution"

  16. snuffyboy3 says:

    how is the drifting physics compared to Live for Speed ??or Gran Turismo 5 900 * With a wheel?

  17. ppunx1 says:

    Mad film! really a few beautiful twins gives: D

  18. shaneoj says:

    @2009Selmo emergency sure what you mean by your question, but if you& #039; RH asking i& #039Eibe; m playing rfactor on-line, then yes.

  19. shaneoj says:

    @ 2009Selmo, I uses a Logitech G27 steering wheel.

  20. 2009Selmo says:

    u used to steering wheel?

  21. shaneoj says:

    @ JusticeLuffy thanks! Around your twins are definitely better. We still another long way have to go. :)

  22. JusticeLuffy says:

    beautiful double

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