Resident Evil 5 PC Mod – Chris & Wesker Shirtless

More than 1000 subscribers! Thank f? R all your bottom? Tzung! = D To my gratitude auszudr bridges?, I made a new mod and video! So k? You can play as Wesker and Chris shirtless. In this video, naked HAMSTRINGS? Body next to the mod, I have to do the swap my trainer model, Auto Dodge, speech hack melee at any time, infinite income, etc.. To download the mod can be found at: z6. InvisionFree. com, the trainer can be downloaded at: z6. InvisionFree. com


17 Responses to “Resident Evil 5 PC Mod – Chris & Wesker Shirtless”
  1. Sonnee123 says:

    wesker is so hot for chris

  2. MissGirlFactor says:

    Seeing Wesker do Excella removal. No, bro, only. … xDD

  3. Matkerzah says:


  4. Stergangster says:

    I say wesker has a healthy sex drive.

  5. wilsonso says:

    @ Theminekid, you can see the video description.

  6. o0Inochi0o says:

    XD& quot; Chris! Mhmhmhmhmhmhmhm & quot;

  7. rocketlauncherK310 says:

    Ball crusher! :)

  8. TehSweettooth123 says:

    yea ur back to doing mods 4 re5 thumps so he sees and wants to continue doing mods

  9. fupiest says:

    I do not see anything making wrong

  10. TheElleCOol says:

    01:47 ET `s like (talk to the hand)

  11. gogetaSSfive says:

    Sorry I couldn 't watch the whole thing, my mind exploded at 0:15.

  12. XahGee says:

    Wesker stole Yun's Palm Strike.

  13. spikehamer2 says:

    ladies, contain your saturations

  14. theminekid says:

    cool mod!
    u use a trainer or somthing?

  15. darkstrunch says:

    This is why Wesker killed Excelia, he of prefer fuel element with Chris.

  16. AcidSaber says:

    Yay! Homosexual Zombie nowaktion in inhabitant Evil 5! :) & amp; lt; 3 you (No. homo)

  17. DukeNukaCola says:

    lmao. Why?!

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