Re: 8v71 318, Detroit Diesel, PTTM game mod!



25 Responses to “Re: 8v71 318, Detroit Diesel, PTTM game mod!”
  1. icyhell1 says:

    l 'H? lle is this divorce? e?

  2. Reezy71x says:

    sounds like a Detroit in the cab or not?

  3. sandmangeorge93 says:

    can anyone tell me where i can get sound mods for 18 wheels of steel pedal to the metal on only detroit but others to if you know where i can get them then pleas message me

  4. MrBombastic16 says:

    you can suck my nutsack and idfc if this is an old post asshole

  5. MrBombastic16 says:

    omg can you have this converted to ALH??? iv been asking like crazy for this sound everywhere i would appreciate it fif you could or if you could get sumone to sdo it for you !@! plz plz n send me link if you doo. . PLZ PLZ

  6. boozeandchix says:

    is this a joke? lmao

  7. ClassicTVMan81 says:

    That was my response to your comment that you said that this 8V-71 isn't a 318 and not even in terms of hp, and that you said the author was thinking of the 6-71. An 8V-71 is touted as making 318 hp (using N65 injectors).

  8. 6V92TA says:


  9. ClassicTVMan81 says:

    Somewhat doesn't go?

  10. ahgjhghj says:


  11. mackman989 says:

    ya but go to toys r us or walmart

  12. 6V92TA says:

    the 8V71 isnt a 318. . . not even in Horse power. You're thinkin of a 6V71.

  13. CascadiaTrucker says:

    Bullshit.Haulin at most l mods? - Soil from the gr? Te d'modders and the plural, never themselves be converted into ALH and j ', and you have ALH essay, but he unn était? TIG, because I have the Most of my mods can not receive, l? to work - every façon affairs and have converted regardless of the mods, the f été? r l 'ALH men who s' bored and Hove nothing to do better with their à mods are! I I a cave the vessel? Ge and Text files, because they work, but the files and the 3D maps and btwkarten k? Can être converted! Quoiqu he is like this, ALH will always be shit.

  14. madtorque says:

    That's all you've got? Grammer!!!!! Thanx for letting me know that your the anoying person that thinks that any one actually gives a crap about your opinion! Obviousely your to lazy to try modding AHL, you can find all sorts of mods for it. This mod would be another to enjoy in my library of mods that I have already collected.

  15. CascadiaTrucker says:

    à Š your 3 years? It n& #039; do not have même those règles of the grammar in your comments! I say just now that c& #039; is from the alh shit, and the clay/tone is not to have worth in this play of the shit.

  16. madtorque says:

    what are you, three yrs old?

  17. CascadiaTrucker says:

    ALH sucks ASS, because you like it haulin mod cannot!

  18. madtorque says:

    It would be better if it was converted to ALH

  19. 104trucker says:

    who has à ƒ ©tà ƒ © impressing

  20. hundanth says:

    Would you be able to convert it to haulin

  21. Bridge8Flower says:

    can you get this game at Target or a store like that?

  22. 242111 says:

    pfft that sounds bad. . .

  23. t9m9o9t9h9y9 says:

    Where you have gat mod

  24. user467 says:

    may 18 Wheels of Steel Pedal to Metalu to get it on eBay

  25. t9m9o9t9h9y9 says:

    wat game

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