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Visit: to buy an iso disk. Hi guys just showing you my new mod menu patch by TTGXMODZX. i have another patch and click on the link to view it:
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Looking for pens to mod and spin. The store has a huge selection of pens. It's called J & L Department Store. It's in china town. It's between dragon city and the china town mall. I found coloured G-spec Grip Subs (a bit like dr. grips), giant bonkura like pens, mechanical pencil led, and clear super grip subs.(g2) Did I mention every pen and pencil besides the mega one's were...A DOLLAR! Plus its buy five get 3 free. Yeah the vid's long so if you wanna see a wide shot click here. 7:35. Thanks for watching. Here is a better video of the store with some new pens i found. Ps. I might be making another video of this store, and or other places to get pens in/ around Toronto. So you can look forward to that.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to “New Mod Menu CoD WaW | Zombie Store |”
  1. mlhockeyboy1002 says:

    can u give me the link i will subscribe

  2. kieranbob619 says:

    i am interested in buying one does the £10 include p&p thanx

  3. xFSxQuicKScop3HD says:

    @xMoDxMoNsTeR noob

  4. QPR95 says:

    @MysticxMoDzZz Chrispy's dubstep remix rudeboy

  5. MysticxMoDzZz says:


  6. xMoDxMoNsTeR says:

    Can anyone get me the link to this patch...? i will Subscribe, Rate, & Comment! <3

  7. iMerkk1 says:

    Add Me, I Want Help Doing A Modded Zombie Lobby. GT: x iiTZz MeRkZz (XBOX 360)

  8. QPR95 says:

    @MayhemMonster1 its for xbox 360 and its TTGXMODSX v3.8

  9. MayhemMonster1 says:

    is This For Xbox Or Pc
    And Is This CoolBunny 4.0 or TTG

  10. MayhemMonster1 says:

    is This For Xbox Or Pc

  11. QPR95 says:

    @dodgeyvids no it doesn't lag 😀

  12. dodgeyvids says:

    i have to ask, when i activate these mods, does it lag?

  13. sg225746 says:

    Please private message me about the disks

  14. h0p0ffmykko0laid says:

    Hey can you ship me one if i pay 15$ to us please or help me do it through team viewer or somethung thank you!

  15. QPR95 says:

    @MrKrister13 Do you have winRAR ?

  16. MrKrister13 says:

    @MrKrister13 ye i have and it still come up the next volum is required

  17. QPR95 says:

    @MrKrister13 you have to download all 7 parts not just 1 otherwise it wont work 😀 lol

  18. MrKrister13 says:

    @QPR95 when i have come to 99% it come up : next volume is required what shall i do after that?

  19. QPR95 says:

    @MrKrister13 what is wrong with it to be exact ?? and i have a video on how to make it

  20. QPR95 says:

    @MrKrister13 what is wrong with it to be exact ??

  21. MrKrister13 says:

    can you put a video who to make it i making an iso file now but there is something wrong whhit the xbox360codwaw.part1.rar file plz help

  22. QPR95 says:

    @TheUkHardcore I do sell the disc's

  23. TheUkHardcore says:

    were can i get these???

  24. Pure0Danr says:

    download link??

  25. TRAPPERBOY18 says:

    just got mine today hell yeah its pimp

  26. DrizzleXstyle says:

    Were they any silicone gel pens there?

  27. 1nadia79 says:

    where is this shop? in which place?

  28. MrShahinx says:

    @tmiya88 i live right close to pacific mall the place is so asian and its closeish to TnT

  29. v000000000000v says:

    i'll go to p mall this week hope i will find it

  30. v000000000000v says:

    @tmiya88 actually i live in markham!
    do u mean the Pacific mall in markham or somewhere else??

  31. tmiya88 says:

    @v000000000000v no, but you can get some at a store called One's Better Living at Pacific Mall.

  32. v000000000000v says:

    is there any tornado grips?

  33. MariaRandolt says:

    Russain women need to be your wife

  34. theyellowman67 says:

    lololloolllolol 0:45

  35. MyWLH says:

    @tmiya88 not this two,it is china,i'am come from macau,that word is chinese

  36. tmiya88 says:

    @Lockyspinnerz It is in Canada, North America.

  37. Lockyspinnerz says:

    where is the shopping mart is .. ? in what country .. ??

  38. tmiya88 says:

    @dudeofawsomeness cartoon comssas were in toronto, but they aren't anymore :( either trade or order from somewhere, i use penwish to get comssas

  39. dudeofawsomeness says:

    this is really helpfull honestly i was a lil disapointed cause i expected to see great full for ur videos but i wanna make a comsa but i cant fing the right matrials...i live in that area tooo.....

  40. tmiya88 says:

    @iMatthew32 lol np

  41. iMatthew32 says:

    omg thanks so much i tried wal maart and i got it finally thankzzszsz!!

  42. iMatthew32 says:

    @tmiya88 no its ok. not like i can penspin alot of tricks any way :)

  43. tmiya88 says:

    @iMatthew32 i don't know for sure, sorry

  44. iMatthew32 says:

    @tmiya88 any walmart???? im planning on going tomorrow i go to the one near mississauga city hall

  45. iMatthew32 says:

    @tmiya88 w8 a minute! any walmat theres zts? i go to the one near city hall

  46. iMatthew32 says:

    @tmiya88 thankyou so much !!!

  47. tmiya88 says:

    @iMatthew32 no hgg's in that store, and no ZTs. go to dragon city for hggs, and zellers or walmart for ZTs

  48. iMatthew32 says:

    can u fin hgg's there? iam in mississauga and yes i cand get an rsvp but not hgg i also want a ZT mod by k4s

  49. tmiya88 says:

    @wtfbuds In the store...I dunno if i pick it up in the vid, but you'll see it when you go there

  50. wtfbuds says:

    where is the g2?

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