Midnight Club: LA – Neon Cars Hex Mod

Easy to follow instructions on hex modding neon cars MCLA modding package www. megaupload. com Neon color codes 6F 81 2C 6D F7 41 DF 64 1D 6F 6D FF 7F 77 97 80 NOTE: Your car is neon, if you disagree drive it around. Also, don't change the colors but it is okay to turn on the neon on the bottom, which btw has been modded if you followed this tutorial right. =)


20 Responses to “Midnight Club: LA – Neon Cars Hex Mod”
  1. TexasSpeedy says:

    @ Idabomb00 yeah thx dude its freaking? Rgerlich when ppl think they are something that the game used to causes other district? Ts is doing really well btw dude using?

  2. aggregatehalo says:

    if it says fals like that did just get LE FLUFFIE

  3. CrazyYellowPanda says:

    Thanks helped so muchh 😛

  4. lXlNismo11lXl says:

    Thank you for the clear guidance, it functions, but I can see. Why?

  5. matthewmorrell1 says:

    THIS WORKS !!!!!

  6. DJFly4Life says:

    2 of my programs do not work its bcuz it will not let me open them and my computer is kinda mest up cuz i think it has the virus it has lots of errors. . .

  7. cbiedebach says:

    this really works its sick

  8. cbiedebach says:

    @idabomb00 do you have any other codes for different colors, if not do you know where to get them???

  9. cbiedebach says:

    do you have any other codes for different colors, if not do you know where to get them???

  10. smsjets33 says:

    mine dont have all thoes E

  11. idabomb00 says:

    @ TheFatBoyMike you fucking sp? T, or nub? Not stupid hex can not change? Or not rehash? Mission jeujuste your backup because it can not can not because you're working sp? T? Mean that it is not past hats exactly why I told you on the package? f? r nublets vousGTFO whore like you divorce? e

  12. TheFatboymike says:

    You whore son all the n 'currupt my wow has been given for a real animal modder

  13. r3trdroadkill says:

    i cannot seem to find the last ? than that, because I see your Klebeb4 each n 'You have 3f I see that basic need of every d' s'hilfe he likes you. U do not even know where I can get a large list of hexadecimal codes?

  14. idabomb00 says:

    @RebornPhantom Yup and you're welcome, I realize this game is old but it's one of the few that's fun to mod. I've noticed that other tutorials suck at giving direction on where the hex codes actually are, and I also find it very sad that people have to use other peoples game saves when this mod is so easy. =P

  15. idabomb00 says:

    Lol @ Ihasipod correctly?

  16. Sagerstuts says:

    WOW beautifully

  17. ihasipod says:

    @idabomb00 unlike some people we all know. . . *cough* hoodratslayr *cough*

  18. idabomb00 says:

    @ihasipod wow. . . no im just part human, and that part has a brain

  19. ihasipod says:

    you sir, are part computer

  20. RebornPhantom says:

    Thnx it worked, thus n& #039; A ur d& #039; other one vid.

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