GTA IV – Tbogt Mods (Xbox 360)

Load tools for mods under: www. mediafire. com thanks Eyuu7884 and Theguy223 Gta IV - TBOGT Mods (ON-LINE ONE) how: Flying cars unlimited health rocket of shots super speed?? Car and much more besides! (Necessarily for mod Disamble and open Xbox 360 original " Grand Theft car: Episodes from Liberty City"? Modded Disc of " Grand Theft car: Episodes from Liberty City"? (I sell this Discs, PM me for further information!)


25 Responses to “GTA IV – Tbogt Mods (Xbox 360)”
  1. FannieMarianvpl says:

    Well, GTA 4 is still available on:

  2. OardCrumbih says:

    Well, I got my GTA 4 full pc from:

  3. TheFroggystile says:

    what is your gamertag?
    mine is Gobernaitor

  4. XxmusicandgamexX says:

    my gamertag: RamonElite360

  5. 11WWESUPERSTAR says:

    is free it

  6. tanman965 says:

    @Zatixiz Flashed xbox unless you hotswapped 😛

  7. crazyboy539 says:

    Sales of new gta iv mods TBOGT send me a message and check out my video recorded, ive new things to the mods, such as cars and light textures to playboy loading screen. Great britain? Only I have my own drift from my m8 who is the best Soille Be total charge 20 pounds.

  8. PIMPINPERKINS13 says:

    i need help with downloading mods to play online and it would have to be done through a usb flashdrive. . . . . also can u upgrade a rapid fire controller because i have one but its just not fast enough

  9. dialga265 says:

    @Zatixiz well what does work and is it high price and is it hard?

  10. Zatixiz says:

    @TheDan461 You& #039; VE gotta hotswap A modified GTA disc with the ordinary one. This can& #039; t fuel element gives for GTA anywaysanymore.

  11. Zatixiz says:

    Firstly. . Jtag'd Xbox 360s are ftw and a GREAT tool for developement etc. .
    Secondly. . This wasn't done on a Jtag'd Xbox 360, It was indeed done on a regular xbox using the so called "ISO mod"

  12. Zatixiz says:


  13. dialga265 says:

    This work useing A WANTS usb flash drive

  14. dialga265 says:

    TGIS WILL work useing a usb flash drive

  15. GamingFT says:


  16. TheDan461 says:

    @Zatixiz then wat can u use?

  17. MrItslouis says:

    @KAMIKAZExKING yes they are patched but the fast cars and spawning cars aint my friends did it last night

  18. KAMIKAZExKING says:

    Good vid to bad I heard gta mods are patched I last played a month ago but got banned I had 5. 3s

  19. iThinkImKewl95 says:

    Selling cheap modded discs Giving & G? Most free message me on youtube !!!!!


    @actaviousblacker fuck off i was bloody askin!!! and no im not reading the comments

  21. AlisZigg says:

    add mme in Aliz Zigg

  22. tjt5560 says:

    Hey, anybody can mod gta don't feel like doing it your self go to matthewpablo(. )com/gtaiv and find out all the cool shit you can do with mods you've seen what people have done also don't you just friggen hate it when they just freeze your ass somotimes for know god dam reason well with matthews mods your protected as well with freeze cars to get back at other modders who don't have matts mods:P. It's cheap and fast shipping! *TELL THEM TJ SENT YOU* HAPPY MODDING!

  23. tjt5560 says:

    Hey, Can someone mod gta do not like to go themselves matthewpablo (.) Com / GTA IV and find out all the cool shit you can do with mods you've done k?, Have seen what people do you ? not simply choose f aussi Friggen if they hate it, just freeze your ass f r somotimes know god dam well with Reason matthews mods and cars protected with freeze protected to return to other modders, not about matts mods?: P. It is cheap and fast delivery! * Tell them SENT TJ * HAPPY modding!

  24. letspretendxc0re says:

    I have the best mods, since you can choose what you want! They work after the latest patch! I ship worldwide and I have a online support team to help you with all your modding needs! My site is matthewpablo[dot]com[slash]gta­iv

  25. MrShadowBallz says:

    yeah people say its 100 percent but you would notice there is no unlimited ammo

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