Best mobile phone CHOP EVER to pay (Never fà ¼ r Handy service again)

This is the best cell phone hack you will ever see. It allows you to use your cell phone anywhere without being charged airtime minutes or roaming fess. This is the hack that cell phone companies dont want you to see. Never pay for cell phone service again. *****Warning***** This video is for informational purposes only. By viewing this video you are agreeing to hold BeanMeister22 Productions and anyone involved in the making of this video, completely harmless. If you do not stop watching this video NOW, then you are accepting all consequences that may come from watching this video, including (but not limited to) legal, financial, and even medical. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Additional sound effects by: www. freesound. org


25 Responses to “Best mobile phone CHOP EVER to pay (Never fà ¼ r Handy service again)”
  1. gkagouras says:

    very clever. . . bravo. . .

  2. geezmaddy says:


  3. laithjamalyasin says:

    whooooooooooooooooooooooooo it scared the hell out of me,,, screw you but nice one hahaha

  4. madtownmadman says:

    I fuckin knew it! But had me for a minute, there.

  5. 666prettyboy says:

    owowow i shit my self hahah that was good (heart attack0

  6. sk8rpunk247 says:

    Bro you did, whether grave I n 'you never pensé, which will make you afraid to go it to me with 12 hours of the morning

  7. jesuscross777 says:

    ah sh*t, nice one u got me gud dude

  8. thebeatlesja says:

    fuck u strong fuckingsthats makes it for me fear

  9. 91pup says:

    to try bà ƒ ¢tards of hässliches pensà ƒ © à ƒ ©tait a joke, which was stupid to pull on the PPL and afterwards, fear to make d& #039mund; among themselves

  10. shawndy101 says:

    Wow i wasnt scared at all i was just like wat the fuck is this

  11. TheThewizard00 says:

    hahaha I even scared after reading the following cooments havn an idea she was one of those videos, but dam

  12. p210kaye123 says:

    yo that the Schei

  13. quinndididlydoop says:


  14. TheOfficialRoseEmran says:

    Scheià Ÿ eNutte!!

  15. bowwow968 says:

    Oh My HOLY SHXT it scared me so bad i jumped out of my sit and ran !

  16. MrRamon1236 says:

    lol i got scared gud one

  17. choosea44 says:

    woow i scared

  18. juniorstudent95 says:

    Oh My Fuckin God. .

  19. drydenism says:


  20. x66dme66x says:

    damn that actually scared me!

  21. FLAMERSBENX says:

    dats f-uped

  22. AkatsukiTruePein says:

    This is so Fuckin gay pal. !

  23. MrBlackfire55 says:

    fuck you asshole

  24. londonbizzare says:

    Hahaha that surprised me!

  25. Valtielxsh3x says:

    what a dick. . i pissed a little. . lol

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