8v71 318, Detroit Diesel, DO pttm mod!

this is a sound pack I made for 18 wheels of steel pedal to the metal~ download at this link! hosted. filefront. com this jakebrake is not included!


25 Responses to “8v71 318, Detroit Diesel, DO pttm mod!”
  1. TheCbreton says:

    Sounds awesome trucks and truck sees so old

  2. mccrackenphillip says:

    what year & model is that pete

  3. hennessyviper says:

    this game is for pc right ? coukd utell me where u got the game imight if i could get it

  4. skitllesman98 says:

    AWESOME lol it sound like a super pro racing truck. . . ot oval racer lol. .

  5. dev832 says:

    HA HA HA i love the air start

  6. thorgmail says:

    Flippt greeting out. I am surprised by the tones of this bad thing. J& #039; have été the clay/tone research for my play, but trouvé your truck never resembles à a rêve. Too much beautiful! Big pttm lover. The connection, you donné in isnt Description work have. I ask you over s& #039; it plaît sends you a new connection against téléchargement. Thanks. : -)

  7. DodgeRamit02 says:

    hey man how did u egt ur fraps too run smothly im only get 15fps on windowed at 720 and at full im getting 8 and ur soudns clearer too

  8. FOLKNATION94 says:

    that was a nice ride Cuz

  9. Hlindeen says:

    what is the name of the song thanks

  10. GOLTURBO555 says:

    more gradual

  11. btjohnson83 says:

    Freakin sweet!


    nice choice of music at the start!

  13. FordSucksAlot123 says:

    To start the love of the air:)

  14. DieselDemon18 says:

    Great Touch On The Air Start!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. alexoulakidisasd says:

    omg the sound is like a chain saw

  16. pwner565 says:

    sooomfg in geting this game now I know that you can provide, Ã add this theme

  17. lordtaw says:

    Alice in chains - I remain far away of l& #039; Jar Fliegenalbum. Supersong and the volume.

  18. Surfcastin07 says:

    sovietwrath you obviously dont know what a detroit 8v71 is. . . . . . . knob

  19. SovietWrath says:

    Rings as inda © sirable, make this his truck as a press-pura © e.

  20. BigRiggerJ says:

    Great job!

  21. covrace says:

    quick question, what is the music at the beginning here? thanks! I have a pair of screamin' detroits myself

  22. Boeing227 says:

    BTW I have ur sound installed too I put it into a ford F-250 pickup and pretended it was a 471 (Since they both sound the exact same!) It's really cool!

  23. Boeing227 says:

    Nice work! :) Have understood well j 'to be like mods to put in the game. Check out my video "18 WOS pttm - GMC gà © nà © ral 6V92TA"

  24. jhid145 says:

    then u try 2 make a better 1

  25. Maniac12v71 says:

    When I go to the makes truck folder there are no trucks, only the sound kit.
    Whats Wrong?

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